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Add a Virtual Mailroom to Your Business

Our cutting-edge technology opens new possibilities. Imagine it in your company and realize new revenue streams with our tech.

All at a daily cost about the cost of a cup of coffee.

Empower Your Company Mailroom

Company's Tech, User's Ease

Enhance your company mailroom with our tech, simplifying service so your customers feel it is easy and convenient.

Tap into these advantages for nearly the cost of a cup of coffee.

key features


Flat Rate Subscription

Enjoy a straightforward pricing model without hidden fees, unlike other platforms.

No App Download Required For Your Customers​

Eliminates the need for your customers to download and navigate through another app, reducing barriers to service adoption.

Easy To Use

Simplify your operations with our easy setup feature, allowing quick addition of renter information to the system for seamless service management.

Real-time Notifications

Your customer receive real-time notifications about their mail and packages directly, streamlining the communication process.

Actionable Notifications​

Enables your customers to take immediate actions like scan, forward, shred, or trash directly from the notification, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Boost Revenue​

Utilize the in-notification actions to introduce value-added services, such as on-demand mail management for your existing customers frequent travelers or busy clients, creating a lucrative revenue channel.

White Label Service​

Present the service under your brand, keeping the focus on your store.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Accessible on smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets, and computers.

Business Solutions

Open new revenue streams for your business with easy and convenient virtual mailroom


Streamline your law firm’s document management by securely and conveniently sharing incoming mail with clients in real-time using our virtual mailroom system, ensuring timely access to important legal documents.

CPA firms​

Enhance client services by using our virtual mailroom system to manage and share incoming mail with your clients securely and conveniently, providing timely access to important documents.


Improve tenant satisfaction and streamline package handling by offering a secure and convenient virtual mailroom system, making your property management more efficient and attractive to residents.


Enhance your coworking space by providing a seamless way for members to receive mails and packages securely and conveniently, adding value and attracting more professionals to your space.


Help your guests from around the world stay connected by providing a seamless way to receive mails and packages securely and conveniently with our virtual mailroom system during their stay.


Bring in extra revenue and give customers even more reasons to visit by making your store the easiest place for them to handle their mails and packages with our virtual mailroom system.

Open Own Virtual Mailbox Center

Expand your business by becoming a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency with our Virtual Mailbox system. Operate efficiently even in small spaces, offering clients secure and convenient mail handling services, and generating additional revenue streams.



Ideal for straightforward notifications about package arrivals. 

Ideal for maximizing profits through notifications and expanding mailbox services with minimal cost.

• Real-time Notification

• Pickup with Electronic Signature

• Generous Usage Allowance

Designed for businesses and individuals with high mail volume, the Premium Plan offers an advanced suite of features to handle extensive mail and document management needs efficiently. Experience unmatched convenience with bulk mail handling and unlimited PDF uploads.

• Real-time Notification

• Pickup with Electronic Signature

Generous Usage Allowance

Virtual Mailroom

• Actionable Notifications

• Upload/Download of Scanned Files

• Ample Scanning Capacity

We provide competitive pricing options tailored to accommodate your high-volume mail receiving requirements.

For high-volume file uploads, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your needs.

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