Upload Mail/Package

Managing your customers’ mail is straightforward with the BizBox Center App. Here’s a simplified guide:

1. Open BizBoxCenter web application from your device.

2. Tap ‘Mailroom’ at the bottom of your screen to start.

3. Press the ‘+’ button to begin adding a new mail item. Here’s how:

   – Use Camera (Recommended for Mobile):

  • Choose ‘Camera’ – it’s easy for taking new pictures.
  • The first time, the app might ask to use your camera. Please allow it.
  • Hold your phone above the mail, and press the button to take a picture.
  • You can make the picture look nicer by adjusting it. Then, add any extra details about the mail.
  • When you’re ready, press ‘UPLOAD’.

   – Use Gallery (If You Have a Picture Already):

  • Select ‘Gallery’ to use a photo you’ve already taken.
  • Pick your photo, add any information about the mail, and then upload it.

   – Find Renter (To Choose Who Gets the Mail): 

  • Use ‘Find Renter’ to pick who the mail is for first.
  • You can then take a new photo or use one from your gallery, add details about the mail, and upload it.

Desktop Processing:

The process is similar. Log in, go to ‘Mailroom’, and use the ‘+’ button. You can take photos with your desktop camera or upload from the gallery.

  1. Log in to the BizBox Center portal with your credentials.

  2. Click Mailroom > + button to manage mail items.

  3. Options include:

    • Camera: Use your mobile camera to take a photo of the mail item, adjust as needed, add details, then click UPLOAD.

    • Gallery: Recommended for desktop. Choose a saved photo, add details, and UPLOAD.

    • Find Renter: Begin by selecting a customer, then add mail item photo and details and UPLOAD.

Additional Information:

Viewing the Uploaded Item List:

All uploaded mail and package items are neatly organized on the ‘Mailroom’ page, ensuring mail center staff can easily access and refer to these records when needed.

Editing Entries:

To edit an entry, simply click the ‘Edit’ option, which you’ll find under the more icon (three dots) on the mail detail page. It’s important to note that certain details, such as the assigned date, time, and mail ID, are fixed post-upload to maintain record integrity.

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